Lithuanian Association of Applied Linguistics

About Us

What is the Lithuanian Applied Linguistics Association  LITAKA?

The Lithuanian Applied Linguistics Association  (LITAKA) is a professional society uniting individual researchers and educators, as well as scientific, educational and public institutions whose activities fall within the broad field of applied linguistics. LITAKA was founded in 2007.

Aims of the Association

  • Coordinating the activities of legal and natural persons representing applied linguistics in Lithuania;
  • Representing members of the Association in non-governmental and other institutions in Lithuania and abroad;
  • Protecting research, cultural, organisational and other interests of the members of the Association.

Goals of the Association

  • Active participation in applied linguistic research, promoting such research and individual inter-disciplinary investigation in universities, other higher education institutions, research institutes, educational institutions of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Cooperation with institutions of applied linguistics (centres, institutes, associations, publications) abroad, joining international organisations;
  • Involvement and active participation in joint projects with researchers of other countries, arranging research conferences, seminars and other events;
  • Providing methodological support to the members of the Association, accumulating and disseminating relevant information;
  • Issuing publications of applied linguistics;
  • Promoting the achievements of applied linguistics and integrating them in teaching activities.

Constitution of the Lithuanian Applied Linguistics Association