Fifth Conference


The fifth International Conference of Applied Linguistics Languages and People: Communication in a Multilingual World was held on 29-30 September 2022. Applied linguists from Lithuania and other countries were presenting their research from a range of disciplines, such as sociolinguistics, language policy, discourse analysis, sign language, pragmatics, language teaching and learning, language testing, language acquisition, lexicography, corpus linguistics, cognitive linguistics, etc.

Plenary Speakers:

Monika S. Schmid (University of Essex, United Kingdom)
„When is a bilingual an attriter? – Bilingualism as a two-way street“
Presentation slides

Anna Mauranen (University of Helsinki, Finland)
„Research writing in change: the influence of English as a Lingua Franca“
Presentation slides

Daniel Perrin (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland)
„Multilingualism and the Media: Identifying Critical Issues and Scrutinizing Ideologies of Research“
Presentation slides